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What is this thing?

The Marketing Madness Tactic Bracket is an annual fundraiser where the top minds in Marketing-Twitter submit their best tactic and then battle it out in Twitter polls during March/April. It's a lot of fun. 😎


This year is going to be big. We are giving away $10k in cash and prizes and raising $10k for the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund.

This page has the details, but all the action will happen on twitter. Be sure to follow @HireFireTeam or the #MMTB22 hashtag.


Title Sponsor: TripleWhale
The operating system for Ecommerce


Community Sponsor: Foxwell Founders
Where do the top minds in Ecomm talk about what's next? Right here.

Media Buyers Conference Sponsor: Marpipe
If creative is the biggest level for great performance, Marpipe pulls it 1,000 times in a minute.


Email/SMS Conference Sponsor: Klaviyo
There is a reason why everyone is switching.


PPC/SEM Conference Sponsor: Optmyzer

Extract maximum value from your PPC ad spend.

Organic/Influencer Sponsor: #paid
Goodbye influencers. Hello creators.



  • $1,000 cash prize

  • 1 year membership to Foxwell Founders ($2,997) value

  • 1 year access to Triple Pixel ($3,600) value.



Fundraiser: Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund

This is what we are here for y'all. Raise some money for a cause that desperately needs it.

"All donations to the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund will support humanitarian assistance in impacted communities in Ukraine and surrounding regions where Ukrainian refugees have fled. GlobalGiving's local partners are bringing relief to terrified and displaced communities, and they need resources to continue their life-saving work."

TripleWhale is generously MATCHING all donations up to $5,000 total.

Be sure to use our official Global Giving donation page to ensure your donation is matched.

C'mon Marketing Twitter... what have you got to give besides hottakes? 👇

Official Bracket

Any Questions?

How do I join?
You need to be invited.
Who is FireTeam?
We are a marketing agency that occasionally does cool shit on Twitter. You are literally on our site right now. Go click around.
I got invited, how do I participate?
You will need to submit one tactic for your conference to @HireFireTeam. The tactic needs to fit in a tweet, and have a name. Here are some examples from last year.
You will also need to make a minimum donation of $50 to our supporting charity as an entry fee. This will be matched by TripleWhale.
How do I sponsor a conference?
Reach out to @HireFireTeam on twitter.
How are winners determined?
Two tactics will be paired up against each other in a Twitter poll posted by @HireFireTeam. After 48 hours, the tactic with the most votes is the winner and advances to the next round.
When does it start?
Thrilling 32 matchups: March 18th.
Sweet 16 matchups: March 24th.
Elite 8 matchups: March 28th
Final 4 matchups: March 31st
Championship: April 4th.
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