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Case studies are bullshit.

Even ours.

Cherry-picked data inserted into a carefully crafted narrative that sounds too good to be true, because it is. We've only ever made one case study. It was a two hour-long film that itself won an industry award. Bullshit, right?

But still, you kinda need to know what we've done and if it's legit or not. So how about this... we have a lot of client stories we are proud of and we'd be happy to tell you about them in person, or on Zoom, or maybe just in an email. Feel free to ask questions or poke holes. If you ask real nice, we can even put you in touch with the clients themselves.

Here are a few prompts to get you started.

Client story #1
We ran the most successful ad campaign in the history of Reddit. The client, a national CPG brand, had their best sales months in 7 years. The Reddit CMO flew us to New York to tell their internal team how we pulled it off. Happy to tell you too.

Client story #2 

An entrepreneur asked us if we thought we could sell his $10 product online. Other agencies said no. Too difficult at that price point. We said hell yes. That was $10M in sales ago.

Client story #3 

How do you spend $1M per month in Facebook ads, profitably, while being firmly in the gray area of Facebook policy? We'll tell you!

Client story #4 

A CPG brand asked us to make their bread go viral for the holidays. We were like, "ok we'll try, but we can't guarantee it will go viral." It went viral. They asked to do it again for the Superbowl.

Client story #5 

A CPG pickle brand asked us to do something fun on Twitter.  We made a ton of mascot-related NFTs, and had them battle in a month-long March Madness-style bracket across Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram wracking up millions of views from new fans. They were pleased.

Client story #6 

How do you sell consumer software in the most boring category possible, to people who dread using it? You make them feel good about it (in a lot of sneaky ways). 

And now for some social proof!

"The deep, thoughtful and technical knowledge of FireTeam is unmatched. They constantly strive to not accept the status quo, challenge assumptions and be invested in your real growth. You will not find a better team."

- Andrew Foxwell, Foxwell Digital

"They really care, and it shows in their work. Our ads improved from day 1 and we've seen our FB ROAS improve by 50%. It's been massive for our business. But more than that, Jess, Rachyl, Niki, Ashley, and Erin are all fun, smart, down-to-earth people who are great to work with."

- Kevin McQuiston, Co-founder, The Earthling Co

"FireTeam are absolute masters of their craft. From their creative direction, to their ad testing philosophy, there's NOBODY I'd trust more to manage our paid media."

- Ashkan Taheri, Co-founder, Talent Pop

"In a world where everyone's uncle is a Facebook advertiser lived an agency forged from the flames of Valhalla. So powerful that no social media platform could ever defeat them. But seriously, FireTeam is the best there is. I'm always in awe of their creative approach and the strategies they come up with for the brands they work with."

- Chris Mikulin, Kulin Agency

The Top 5 Ways to Spot Bullshit Case Studies 👇

You've got questions,

we've got marketing copy disguised as answers!

What size are your clients?
All sizes. Our clients this past year in yearly revenue:
9-figures: 3 clients
8 figures: 2 clients
7 figures: 7 clients
6 figures: 1 client
5 figures: 3 clients
Do you do everything?
For love, anything. For money, only what we are good at and enjoy. For the rest, we've got a deep network of straight shooters so if you need any of the following, we can put you in touch with the right person: SEO/SEM, web dev, UI/UX, in-depth CRO.
How much do you cost?
Every client and project is different. We wish it were simple, but aligning on compensation is a critical first step. Here are some arrangements we've had in the past year:
🤌 15% of adspend with $5k minimum
🤌 The greater of $18k/mo or 10% of profit
🤌 $25k/mo retainer
🤌 free office space
🤌 $500 project fee
🤌 $5k project fee
🤌 $20k project fee
🤌 15% of adspend sliding scale at $100k increments
🤌 15% of adspend + 33% profit under CPA target
We are always up for creative pricing if you have ideas.
Do you make your own creative?
Yes, this is our preferred way to work. It's usually a combination of our own shoots and your existing content with our own video editing. It's often included in the media buying fee, but external shoots or additional resources are usually extra.
What kind of budgets do you manage?
For paid social the most we've managed is $1M/mo but usually its in the 6-figure range. For our minimums to make sense it helps to have a budget of over $40k/mo but we can certainly start lower if there is a compelling reason.
Do you do B2B or CPG?
We specialize in marketing to humans and changing or creating behavior. If your customers are humans, we can help. We primarily work with DTC, but we have clients and experience in CPG, B2B, even Gov. and non-profit.
Does that Zoombomb button really work?
Oh. It looks like you haven't clicked it yet. Yes it works. Try it around 9am ET on M/W/F to see for yourself. Any other time is a roll of the dice.

✋ You've been reading/scrolling our site for a while now. 
It's probably time to take a little bathroom break. 

Make some coffee, read some of our tweets, stretch your legs.
Maybe even check out some other agency websites.🤷

We'll be right here. 🤙

Welcome back!

Alright then. Third act.

Let's bring it home.
This one is up to you.

Well would ya look that that.

You made it to the bottom of the page.

Statistically, only 18% of people make it this far.

There is something special about you. 👀

But... it would be a little weird if you put in all this time to get to know us and... didn't reach out.

Wouldn't it?

Let's see where this goes...

There are three ways to reach us:

Yes that button is real. If it's between 9-5 ET, there is a good chance you will be inserted into an ongoing meeting. Don't be weird ok.

That button is also real. It does what you would expect it to do.

Slide in. It's open.

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