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What makes a great team? 

Trust. Respect. Leadership. Probably some other shit like that.


Truth is, we don't know why we work so well together. There is a special kind of magic that happens when you get the right mix of divergent and overlapping skills. A talented mix of individuals looking for the biggest challenges out there.

We are kind of like the Avengers of marketing, but maybe without Hawkeye, who's cool and all, but c'mon dude, you have a bow and arrow.

Nicolle Valladares
Social Strategist

Origin Story:

In the quirky desolate planet of Gen-Z, Nicolle was the first to prove the existence of a One Directional Styles-Rosen bridge. Stepping through the portal and making eye contact with pre-teen Zayn Malik, she developed the superpower of generational omnipotence and a fear of Enouement. After guiding one of the top social media companies through planet Gen-Z she defeated her one-time master in Meme-al Kombat and joined FireTeam to make content appear out of thin air. Nicolle eats more culture for breakfast than even the most annoying kombucha people on tiktok.

Psychicness, memeability, pop culture knowledge, obscure boyband references

Must check every notification immediately
Alter ego:

A certified cool gal, Nicolle spends her precious hours watching grown men drive around in circles for two hours, finding the best grocery store ice cream, and existentially dreading adulthood.

Rachyl Jackson

Media Director

Origin Story:

While in college, Rachyl signed up for a lab experiment that fused her with the Dataract, an ancient artifact deposited in North Carolina by the Galactic Spreadsheet. While only paid $45, she was left with remarkable powers of deduction and optimization. Having spent her lab money on a single sixer of ultra-bespoke beer, she took up a career in advertising to fund her habits. After running all media at an award-winning agency, the Dataract called her once again to the path of performance marketing and she started FireTeam. As Media Director Supreme she manages millions in adspend across platforms, fosters a culture of results-oriented creative, and occasionally responds to SOS signals from the Galactic Spreadsheet itself.

Tele-reportation, Optimize eyes, Creative pattern matching, Up for anything if you ask three times.


Imposter syndrome
Alter ego:

A beer brewing woman of the high knitting arts, Rachyl can often be found taking her Australian shepherd Freya for long walks on the street, or catching the latest travel shows with her partner, remembering what life was like before Covid.

Niki Brazier

Client Management Director

Origin Story:

On her 5th birthday, Niki found an old video camera in a tortoise-shaped sandbox. Upon taking off the lends cap, she released Fuldheim's Ghost, an ancient spirit that took quickly took possession of Niki and guided her to a career as a TV news reporter and anchor. After a decade of honing her skills of communication and relationship management, Niki finally replaced the old lens cap and once again trapped Fuldheim's Ghost for another 96 years. Even though she occasionally re-visits her old haunts as a sideline reporter at live sporting events, Niki turned her attention towards advertising - where she's used her skills to soothe spirited clients like New Balance and Gatorade.

Professional fire-putter-outer, 360 pro-scope, KPI whisperer, Picking things up and putting them back down repeatedly (usually at the gym).

Must clear all red notifications, Never wants to order her own fries, always asks "to steal just one" when they get to the table.

Alter ego:

Former city girl living that wannabe farmer life - finding a way to keep her chicken coop clean and her glitter mani on point at the same time. New momma (to a human boy), longtime fur momma (to two sweet Bernese mountain dogs), and even longer-time wifey to a ginger hubs who always gets mistaken for Prince Harry. Trekkie 🖖

Jess Bachman

Creative Strategy Director

Origin Story:

Born in the bayou of Louisiana, Jess was bitten by a radioactive mosquito which gave him the power to "go viral" at will using design and content marketing. He helped scale from launch to acquisition. Same with as Creative Director. He started three companies himself, sold two, and would prefer not to talk about the third. Lived the "award winning" agency life as Digital Strategy Director before starting FireTeam. A true Jess of all trades, he's been featured in everything from the Martha Stewart Show to Government Executive Magazine.

Strategic projection, FutureVision™, Explaining shit, Spicy tweets, Rapid feedback, Metaphorism

Short term planning

Alter ego:

Mild-mannered husband to the love of his life, and father of 3 kids, 3 dogs, and 2 dogs. Part-time jewelry maker, music producer, and gamer, who commutes to work on an electric unicycle. 

Well would ya look that that.

You made it to the bottom of the page.

Statistically, only 18% of people make it this far.

There is something special about you. 👀

But... it would be a little weird if you put in all this time to get to know us and... didn't reach out.

Wouldn't it?

Let's see where this goes...

There are three ways to reach us:

Yes that button is real. If it's between 9-5 ET, there is a good chance you will be inserted into an ongoing meeting. Don't be weird ok.

That button is also real. It does what you would expect it to do.

Slide in. It's open.

"In a world where everyone's uncle is a Facebook advertiser, there lived an agency forged from the flames of Valhalla. So powerful that no social media algorithm could ever defeat them. But seriously, FireTeam is the best there is. I'm always in awe of their creative approach and the strategies they come up with for the brands they work with." 
- Chris Kulin, Kulin Agency

We're hiring!... like yesterday.
Contractors, Part-time, Full-time

FireTeam is growing into a FirePlatoon. Ok that sounds terrible. How about you just join the FireTeam. If you've got any of these skills, we've got 7 questions for you!

🧑‍🚀 Video editing skills. Primarily editing existing and new footage into social ads.

👩‍🚒 Client relationship management. Dotting i's, crossing t's and making sure our clients feel like they are the most important people in the world. Apply here!

Andrew "Ike" Iacovelli
Creative specialist

Origin Story:

After accidentally discovering an "Intergalactic Distress Signal" buried deep within the settings of his Canon 60D, Ike became the humanoid creative conduit for a conquering alien race at the far reaches of the Milkey Way. The commute was the woooorst. While exposed to advanced creative technologies and techniques several thousand years in the future, being wrapped in sweaty life-sucking tentacles for several hours at a time has its downsides. When the warranty on the 60D ran out, the aliens stopped abducting him. Funny how that happens. Looking for that thrill of lightspeed, Ike hooked up with FireTeam, which fortunately has a strict "don't ask" policy when it comes to tentacle scars.
Superpowers: Method editing

Weakness: Only dates actresses

Alter ego: A grown up theatre kid and retired actor, Ike still yearns for that breakthrough role that will re-ignite his career as the "Morgan Freeman of Facebook ads".

Kenny Fisher
Creative Operations

Origin Story:

Like the Sage that appears along the horizon between ripples of rising heat, Kenny walks the earth seeking to inhabit multiple lives within the Earth simulation. Being a former entertainer, multi-media clairvoyant and production wizard has led him on a path of shepherding billion-dollar brands to the mystical realms of creative milk and honey. As the demons of task management emerge from the shadows, Kenny has heeded the call to beat back their forces with zen-like patience and homemade crispy potatoes.
Superpowers: Being at the right place at the right time.

Weakness: ASMR

Alter ego: Mild-mannered Talisman. Practitioner of Muay Thai. Explorer of the human experience through overlanding, meditation and Fungi consumption. Low-key obsessions with abstract painting, architecture and sacred geometry.

Jada Hall
Marketing Specialist

Origin Story:

Born and raised on the island of Jamaica, Jada's life was idyllic until she was bit by wayward hermit crab and developed an allergy to sun and sand. Resigned to dark rooms and computer screens Jada found escape in the wide expand of the internet. It turns out the internet is a pretty big place and Jada explored every corner, rapidly collecting skills and talents. She developed the mimic ability of learning a skill after only seeing it one time. Her favorite party trick is copying other peoples party tricks right after they do them. These days you can find Jada helping FireTeam with just about everything under the sun, despite her allergies.
Superpowers: Shapeshifting

Weakness: Low bandwidth

Alter ego: 🎤 Just an Island girl, tryna make it. 🎤 Can often be found deep in monster movies and manhwa or running 5Ks to work off all the pasta.

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